Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Boozy Mother's Day Gift Ideas

So pay attention folks, Mother's Day is this Sunday, that's 30/03/14! Don't be a crappy child, please remember your mum this weekend, go out and get her a card and possibly a little gift to show how much she means to you and that you appreciate her and all she's done for you. (Of course if you had a horrid mother and you hate her then disregard this. Buy yourself booze.)

Women can be a bit more difficult to shop for than men at times I find, and I can find myself a little bereft of ideas every now and again. You can go for the standard flowers or truffles, and if you're feeling flash some earrings or a Volkswagen Beetle, however a middle ground can definitely be found. Everyone knows that all mums are the same, and yours has been subjected to great physical, mental and emotional torment by you, you bastard. As such, a nice little boozy gift might be just the ticket.

What better gift for a hard-working or sit-about mum could there be than a lovely bottle of bubbles? We all know that mummy loves the stuff and being female always go for the rose. Moet & Chandon Rose is £10 off at Sainsbuys for £29.99 and Lanson Rose is also £10 for £27.99 at Tesco.

Baileys is a classic, loved by mums, godmothers and nans around the world, and is present in every drinks cabinet from Skipton to Sierra Leone. Of course it is impossible to leave well-enough alone, and a new creation has been released onto the market - with the added bonus of chocolate! Yeah, that's right, they've taken Baileys and added every woman's favourite thing after alcohol; Belgian chocolate.

I'm sure this will go down a storm and the pretty bottle is a nice addition. Bailey's Chocolat Luxe is on offer at Waitrose for £14.50.

A Classical Touch
Sticking with the chocolate theme for the mummy with the sweet tooth, there is a wonderful option that has had my mum in raptures for decades.

This is Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold. This is a wonderful liqueur that is pretty versatile, it's great on it's own, in cocktails (try Laura's 'stocking filler' cocktail, or make a white chocolate mochatini with the white chocolate Mozart) or poured over ice cream. It's a definite mum-pleaser and available at Waitrose for £15.50.

The Hard Hitters
Some mothers are made of sterner stuff - they've seen some things and lived through some times, and so require a tipple with a bit more edge. If you want to get the abv up but keep that feminine frill then there is no better option than Pinky Vodka, a Swedish creation (like your mum's favourite Abba song) that uses all natural botanicals.
Pinky is available from Asda for £20.

Giving Off Royal Airs
If you refer to your mum as Mama then she may have the same drinking habits as Her Maj, and so a bottle of Dubonnet might be right on the mark.

Dubonnet is a traditional French aperitif flavoured with plants and spices before being aged in oak. It can be bought from Waitrose for £9.

So that's all really, a little selection of gifts to choose from, but if you have any other ideas that are original or very happily received then let us know, we'd love to hear them!

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