Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Win! We Have Two Corkcicles To Give Away!

I don’t know about you, but quite often my wine purchase is an impulse purchase from a local supermarket or convenience store. It’s something that I think of on the way home from work, when I collect the shopping to cook dinner with that night. The growth in popularity of convenience shopping as less of us do big shops in favour of popping in for the necessities of that coming evening, suggests I'm not the only one who buys on the fly.

The wines from these outlets are sometimes chilled, other times not, but they usually they aren't quite cool enough by the time I arrive home and open the bottle for that much anticipated glass.
The fridge is a no-go - it just takes too long to get it to temperature, and I want it NOW. You could put ice in it, but the thought of watering down my beautiful Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t bear thinking about... So, what to do? Well, that is where this nifty little baby comes in.

Named ‘Corkcicle’, it looks like a wand you would find in the likes of Harry Potter (not that I watch those films or anything... ahem), and it actually does work magic on your bottle of white wine, maintaining the perfect temperature so you can keep the wine on the table without having to nip back and forth to the fridge- win! Sitting bottles of wine on ice can also end up making the wine too cold, which ends up masking the flavours you have spent your hard earned cash on to enjoy, and the Corkcicle claims to keep the wine perfectly chilled so you can enjoy it at its best. 

Not sure? Well, I road-tested one for myself, and for someone who really isn't into gadgets and gimmicks, I was left really impressed. We put the Corksicle in at around 6.30pm, and sipped the bottle until around 8.30pm (when it ran out!) and the wine was kept cool without going anywhere near a fridge- although, the wine does need to be cool. I don't think this would chill a bottle from room temperature.

You put the ‘Corkcicle’ into the freezer and pull it out when you need it, which does require some organisation, but much less than having to fill up ice trays. I can really see this catching on in smart wine bars, as the bottle is nice and dry with no crinkly soggy labels, and it looks so swish!

They are available in the classic cork design, plus a whole host of fab colours (naturally, I went for the pink one) either online at or from Selfridges, Argos, the Handpicked Collection and WineBase from £19.95 - and it can be used over and over again. They also come beautifully packaged so would make lovely gifts.

Speaking of gifts, did I mention we have two Classic Corkcicles to give away?! 
To enter, just share this post on Twitter using the hashtag #Vinspiregiveaway (so we can find your tweets!), retweet our giveaway tweet, or head over to our Facebook page to like and tag a friend on our post on there. The giveaway closes on Monday at midday, and we'll pick winners at random and notify you by Wednesday 26th February in the hope you will receive it ready for the weekend! Don’t forget to follow our friends at Corkcicle on Twitter for news and more info: @corkcicleUK.

Small print: This giveaway is only open to UK residents (sorry, overseas readers!) and entrants must be aged 18 or over. The giveaway closes at midday on Monday and late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances. You may enter once each on Twitter and Facebook, but any further entries will be disqualified. The corkcicles were donated to Vinspire by the lovely Corkcicle guys themselves - unfortunately, none of the Vinspire team is eligible to win the prize. The winner has 24 hours to come forward, or we'll give the prize to someone else (sorry!) If you have any questions, feel free to email us.


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    1. It is pretty exciting, isn't it! YAY, REALLY COOL AND USEFUL, BUT ALSO FREE, WINE STUFF! Don't see many chances to win fabulous gadgets like these. I wish I could win!

  2. great idea, might save my skin when i forget to put the wine in the fridge!

  3. fab idea, would definitely use these x

  4. I've retweeted as @carsonsmummy x