Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tuesday Beer: Three Brewers of St Albans

It's beer o'clock again! Well strictly speaking it's half past 10 but as long as it's past 5 somewhere, then it's beer o'clock! Well...as long as it's...screw it, it's always beer time! This week on Tuesday beer it's the turn of local enthusiasts, Three Brewers of St Albans.

They say all the best things these days are 'locally sourced'. In this case, I couldn't agree more. Just 20 minutes down the road from me lies a farm on the outskirts of St Albans where three gents have set out on an adventure to create excellence. Vinspire were lucky enough to be invited to the hub of the action to get a taste of what Three Brewers are all about.

On a working farm, Mark, Pete and Nick have spent the last year choosing local ingredients, including water from their own Hertfordshire Borehole, to make a beer that they hope Hertfordshire folk can be proud of. United by love for all things malty and hoppy and generally a bit bored with the local beer scene, these three chaps decided that the best thing to do was brew their own. Me being the lucky so-and-so that I am, got to taste their offerings, including the super secret work in progress that I could tell you about but I'd have to kill you.

Many breweries will attempt to over-stretch themselves from the off, brewing IPA's, golden ales, dark ales, stouts and all manner of beers. Unfortunately this can often lead to poor quality due to the divided attention. After much trial and error and the sad sight of beer going down the drain, Three Brewers have poured their collective heart and soul into two marvellous brews; The Classic and the Golden.

The Classic English Ale is just what it says on the tin. It's hoppy aromas and rich malty taste make it a refreshingly clean beverage that's perfect in whatever setting you may choose.

With Spring just around the corner (honestly I've seen it, there's been sun and everything) the Golden ale is ideal for the warmers days. Made with Cascade hops and Cara malts, this slightly sweeter brew is refreshing and uplifting.

Three Brewers is popping up in pubs all over the place and is also available from the St Albans branch of Cellar Door Wines. Follow the brewery (@3brewers) on twitter to find out where you can get your grubby little mitts on a pint.

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