Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Recycling: Bottle Lights.

It often happens that once I've had a decent bottle of wine I want to keep the empty as a souvenir. Whether it just has a pretty picture on it, it was a particularly good vintage or just a recognisable name, once I've hung onto it, I struggle to find something actually useful to do with it. One of my initial thoughts was turning it into a rather attractive lamp. My electrician skills, however, are far from up to the task.

It wasn't until last week when indulging my love for browsing shopping websites for all manner of crap that I don't need/can't afford that I was offered quite possibly the easiest solution ever!

Cork lights! Basically just a super bright LED shaped like a cork, it fits into the neck of any bottle making something useful out of that empty bottle you've placed in an ego boosting position on the shelf. From now on when you're friends remark on what a lovely lamp you have, you can reply with, 'Why yes I did drink that very expensive 1982 Mouton Rothschild. Haha, Look at me!'

They're £10 a pop from Suck UK. You probably won't be buying one for every single bottle in your collection, but it's certainly worth it for the good ones. Especially cool if you happen to have an empty bottle of Crystal Skull. That would look bad ass!

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