Thursday, 27 February 2014

Have You Read Tequila Mockingbird? Here's Why You Should

This week I have learnt two things: one, I need to purchase more cocktail glasses and two, I need to expand my classic reading repertoire. Why? I literary (see what I did there?) have fallen cover over page in love with the newest book to my collection - Tequila Mockingbird, Cocktails with a Literary Twist. Scholarly sips for word nerds and a library of literature inspired cocktails is how author Tim Federle introduces this modern classic, and with 65 recipes, there's something for everyone.

Naturally, I now want to make every cocktail in this classy little book and I have added about fifteen books to my 'must read list' as with the turn of each page comes another literary classic which I haven't yet got round to reading.

Divided into Drinks for Dames, Gulps for Guys, Bevvies for Book Clubs, Refreshments for Recovering Reads, Bar Bites for Book Hounds and Games for Geeks, you would be hard-pressed to find not one page to inspire you. The three T's - Tools, Techniques and Terms - are a good introduction for even the most novice of cocktail mixologists and the handy metric conversion table at the back is super handy if you're not a lover of fluid ounce measurements (like my good self).

Having cautiously prized a wine glass from my grip over the last couple of months, I've been spreading my alcoholic beverage wings and testing the cocktail waters. Last night - yes, on a school night - my new hardcover best friend taught me how to make Love in the Time of Kaluha.

If you're a book worm you'll realise that Love in the Time of Kaluha is inspired by Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A sentimental story about the enduring power of true love - guy and girl fall in love, girl marries someone else, guy gets on with it but waits 50 years until she returns to him - Federle has combined the sweetness of love and the spice of lust in this creamy concoction. It's super easy to make (no blenders or shakers involved) and delicious - though I was hesitant with all the cream (not for you if you're counting the calories!). Here's how it goes:

You'll need...

1 measure light rum (I used Bacardi)
1/2 measure coffee liqueur (like Kaluha, but I'll admit I used a cheaper brand)
2 measures light cream
Grated nutmeg or ground cinnamon to taste
Tumbler/low-ball glass

How to...

Combine rum and coffee liqueur over ice in a tumbler.
Pour the cream on top and sprinkle with the spice.
Sip and enjoy - I nibbled on Amaretti biscuits with mine!

Next on the list to try? Rye and Prejudice, Are You There God? It's Me Margarita, Gone With the Wine and The Adventures of Sherbert Holmes...not sure I'm ready for the leading Tequila Mockingbird - a shot of tequila with hot sauce and a dill pickle to chase!

For any cocktail enthusiast or word nerd this is a treat to delight the senses, and for those who are both (Laura, our Vinspire Editor, I'm thinking of you) this must find its way onto your bookshelf - if you can bear to put it down! It's available at The Book People for £7.49.

Looking for more literary drinking inspiration? Check out our Literary Drinking page on Pinterest for the drinks that appeared in your favourite books as well as cocktails and products based on your favourite reads.

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