Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday Cocktail: The Chambord Margarita Royale

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or not, this really the perfect weekend cocktail.

The lovely folks at Chambord sent me a bottle to try in a variety of raspberry cocktails, and being a raspberry liqueur fan I couldn't but accept(!), but this is the one that really caught my eye. Added to the boozy raspberry is some sweet and sour fruitiness thanks to the pomegranate and lime juice, and a healthy kick of my Friday favourite - tequilaaaa! 

As well as a winning combination, this is all stuff you've likely got hanging around or will be in your supermarket of choice. The best thing is chambord is only £7 - I had no idea before they told me! - so you're really not breaking the bank, and a bottle will make a good few cocktails...

The Chambord Margarita Royale is pretty in pink and a romantic, decadent treat if you're looking to clink glasses of this cocktail with your Valentine, but if you've fallen out with cupid (or just hate the schmaltz) this is just as good with friends or in front of trashy weekend telly.

Chambord Margarita Royale cocktail recipe (serves one)

  1. 50ml tequila
  2. 22ml Chambord
  3. 22ml pomegranate juice
  4. 15ml lime juice
  5. Raspberries to garnish (optional)
Shake it!

1. Shake all ingredients together over ice. If doing in front of your date, you may want to incorporate this into some sort of sexy dance*.
2. Strain into a margarita glass (martini glasses and coupes also work - we're really not that fussy when there's good booze involved.)
3. Garnish with a raspberry or two.
4. Dance the night away.

Grab any missing ingredients on your way home from work, and let us know how it goes? You can even tell us on Twitter and Facebook.

*We tried. It doesn't work. ABORT MISSION.

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