Friday, 28 February 2014

Friday Cocktail: OMFG, Disney Cocktails!

As the title suggests, this blog post may quite possibly blow your mind. We just wish we could take credit for it.

Now, we love concocting our own cocktails, but Cocktails by Cody takes it to a whole new level of awesome, and we're 100% sure you'll agree.

Cody is a mixologist extraordinaire based in Washington, USA. He only joined Facebook in January 2014 and he already has over 21,000 fans. Why? BECAUSE HE MAKES DISNEY COCKTAILS.

And they are every bit as amazing as they sound. At the time of writing this, he's currently uploaded around 20, from as far back as The Little Mermaid and Alice in Wonderland right up to a cocktail based on Frozen, Disney's latest release.

It's not just the idea, it's the execution: the cocktails LOOK the part, but the ingredients are also basically perfect illustrations of the character's personality. Let's take a look at a few of my absolute favourites:

Fools Gold - The Pocahontas Cocktail

Fools Gold is of course the ideal name for a cocktail based on the pompous Ratcliffe in Pocahontas. As well as being the rich reddish purple of his outfit, it's got rich and gluttonous ingredients like merlot and chambord. Delicious, and especially fun to sip while watching this and giggling. A lot:

Disney Trivia: Did you know Ratcliffe and Wiggins were voiced by the SAME MAN?!

The Glass Slipper - The Cinderella Cocktail

Perfect in its simplicity, and the girliest of drinks despite being baby-boy blue. You can buy whipped cream vodka in the UK via Urban Drinks, but it'll set you back £38.50, so we'd probably recommend settling for a vanilla vodka instead. The evil stepmother is also very tempting, with dark, rich flavours and a hint of chocolate.

After a couple of these, I'll definitely be singing this:

Royal Vizier - The Aladdin Cocktail

I just love that Cody made this Jafar-themed cocktail super-tall, it's genius. A sleek, exotic drink with a potent kick, it will leave you as hypnotised as his creepy snake sceptre:

Porcelain Warrior and a Mushu shot - The Mulan Cocktails

Gorgeous east-asian flavours in a delicately beautiful formation - the perfect Mulan cocktail. And the fiery mushu shot packs an amusing punch just like him:

Seeing Spots - The 101 Dalmatians Cocktail

I'm finishing on an evil high with a feisty, glamourous, bitch-slap of a cocktail that is perfectly Cruella de Vil (best Disney name ever, by the way.) It blends the tartness of raspberry with the deep indulgence of chocolate and cream - as over-indulgent as a coat made of puppies.

And now for a brilliant car crash:

Cody very kindly given us permission to write about him and show you some of what he does, but you really must follow him on Facebook to keep track of his progress because he's adding new creations every week and they are MAAAAJOR.

Which would be your Disney cocktail of choice? What is he missing? Let us know in the comments!

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