Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bargain Spirits For Your Valentine

I apologise in advance for any even slightly nauseating phrases used by trying to make a wonderfully quirky and engaging Valentine's post... enjoy!

Photo by Maria Morri

So, whilst the heaven's remain determined to unload all their sodden bounty upon us (it's really rainy) and every square foot of earth from Land's End to Guildford is under water we must start to think about the day of St.Valentine. America has propagated the commercialisation of this somewhat suspect, but nonetheless romantic holiday, but we are not deceived and will be romantic, yet above all thrifty!

I have had several friends come to me and asks what they should buy their boys for Valentines and whilst I'm sure they can think of lots of things they would like their partners to give them the girls still insist on physical gifts. To that end, below is a selection of the best spirits on offer in your local supermarche, there's something for everyone and they all scream convenience, frugality and amour.*


Photo by Phillip Storry
Highland Park 12yr
So, firstly for the person who has stuck with you through all your highs and lows, a great option is Highland Park 12yr. This is widely recognised as one of the best affordable single malts around, ever reliable and a snip at the even more affordable price from Sainsbury's, only £28!

Talisker 10yr
Some relationships are a little bit more stormy and tumultuous. Talisker is a wonderfully sreduced £27 (down a fiver).
mokey and peppery malt with a ton of depth. Asda are offering this 10yr Isle of Skye bottling at a beautifully

Isle of Jura Prophecy
Maybe you're looking to chuck down a little bit more cash, but still get decent bang for your bu-  pound? If you looking to spoil your S.O. and can see a wonderful future together then plump for the Isle of Jura Prophecy, this is a big peated whisky for of salt, sea air and spices. Tesco have reduced                                                                          this dram £14 down to £42, it's worth a look.


Bloom Gin
Let you love bloom like the beautiful flower that it is. Bloom is a London Dry Gin named for the flowery botanicals used to make it, there's honeysuckle and stuff. In all honesty it's a cracking gin and is priced crackingly at Sainsbury's for £21 (down £3).

Bulldog Gin
A while back, Freddy who is our self-proclaimed in-house Casanova (everyone else thinks he just gets that bit too close) reviewed Bulldog gin and he felt that if your are looking for a big and powerful gin at the entry level this is the hound dog for you! Bulldog has been reduced £4 by Waitrose and is available for £22.50.


Smirnoff Gold
Now we all know that a girl and eastenders love gold, well this year yo£18.50 at Tesco.
u can get a fitting present in this fantastically bling-dazzle vodka. Smirnoff is the most popular vodka brands in the UK (I did just make this up, but it'll be up there, check) and whilst not up there for quality with Grey Goose or Belvedere you can't argue with

Southwold Premium Vodka
This is for those quintessentially british couples out there. Southwold is produced by Adnams, the vodka is produced from 3 different grains and distilled in a good old copper still. Create a love triangle? Do shots all day? Whatever, just try a bottle, reduced by £5 at Marks & Spencer and at only £30.

There are no good rums on offer in the supermarkets which royally sucks...
If you're going cheap then you have to go for Mount Gay.
Looking for something quirky and cool then it's Kraken.
Finally, for a treat; Angostura or Mount Gay Extra Old .

There are a few suggestions that should definitely please any recipient and if not, then they're wrong. Honestly I hope everyone has a wonderful, magical and 24 hour Valentines day.

*Love is not actually included, this is only alcohol and will only simulate the feelings of attraction after excessive consumption. N.B. these feelings will fade wiothout any underlying relationship to render the partnership an empty husk.

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