Friday, 31 January 2014

The Wine Magician Documentary: Explaining & Exploring Biodynamic Winemaking

A lot of people have a very strong view on biodynamic wine-making. It is kind of the veganism of the wine world, in that on paper, it certainly has its plus-points, however the people who do it are unfortunately sometimes self-indulgent and off-putting.

Biodynamic winemaking is kind of like the hippy, far-out distant cousin of organic production, relying on mysticism (such as burying manure-filled cow horns and chamomile flower-filled cow intestines in the vineyard) but in some blind tastings it does appear to have proven effective. The problem is, no one really understands it, and reading about it is boring as hell.

I found a short documentary to do with biodynamic wine making that I really wanted to share with everyone - it is a real insight to the world of biodynamy and goes some way to explaining people's reasons for doing it.

Victor, who presents the documentary, is a top lad too - I like documentary makers with blue hair that say 'shit' in a French accent. Although he does make his skepticism felt throughout the video.

If you can take 15 minutes, I would really recommend watching this and then we would love to hear your views on the subject. Do you think it is worth doing, or is it total madness?

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