Friday, 24 January 2014

The Perfect Party Champagne

I like Champagne and I like to party but what Champagne do you take to a party? It's a question I ask myself every Friday (it really isn't).

The problem is, if you go for something too expensive, people might not appreciate it. If you go for something too cheap, people will notice, especially if it's a special occasion.

As not everyone at a party will particularly know their wine, they might not all appreciate that magnum of Krug Collection 1989 that you have been keeping and thought you would crack out at Aunty Doris's 70th. Save that for my birthday please. Thanks.

People like what they know, as sad as that is. There are certain brands of fizz that people know more than others. Often you will get more excitement out of a crowd by presenting them with something that is shiny and has a word on the label that they recognise. People are morons after all...

If you bring the right Champagne to
a party, this could be you.
This is why Moët & Chandon is so disgustingly successful - marketing. This is the sort of thing that will make you look like the dog's bollocks at a party. Also, bigger is better, always remember that. If you aren't too sure, go for a magnum of fizz... people like big stuff. Oooooh.

Possibly the best Champagne to get for a party that will look good and please the masses (making you pretty much king/queen) is Moët & Chandon's Demi Sec. This is a slightly sweeter style of Champagne than "Brut" which is considered the norm. That little bit of extra sugar means it appeals to people, even if they don't normally like Champagne. It is very easy drinking but also has the obvious Champers characteristics, meaning that people won't think you are sticking cheap fizz in a nice looking bottle!

As much as I wouldn't normally choose to drink Moët over a lot of other Champagnes, it is a great one for parties and gatherings. After all, that's pretty much exactly what it is made for.

You can buy Moët et Chandon Demi Sec Non Vintage Champagne from Sainsbury's for £32.99 per bottle.

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong in the comments - what's your go-to party fizz for a special occasion?


  1. I think if I was going to spend £30 on a bottle of bubbly for a special occasion, I'd prefer to buck the trend and buy a bottle of Nyetimber! Or if my guests were really clueless about bubbles, I'd go for the most recognisable name on offer at the supermarket, or maybe The Society's champagne by Alfred Gratien from TWS.

  2. As much as i totally see where you are coming from, the point is that your average Joe doesn't know what Nyetimber is, or Alfred Gratien. The thing with the M&C is that people know the name and any old idiot can like it. Making you immediately popular with the wine-novice-inlaws etc etc.