Friday, 10 January 2014

The Best of Vinspire's 2013 Cocktails

Did you get bought lots of cocktails goodies for Christmas? I did. As well as beautiful glasses, a super-sexy shaker, and handy strainers, muddlers and the like, I was also given some inspirational mixology books. Basically, January is going to go by in a blur of martini glasses.

I'm looking forward to the cocktails to come (with one starting next week) but for I couldn't let the new year start without remembering some of my favourite creations from 2013, the year I truly began to pursue my cocktail creations with gusto.

Here are some of my favourites:

Flavourful mixes

I spent most of April drinking Lime and Green Tea Martinis thanks to my discovery on the Belvedere website and finding incredible lime vodka at the East of England Food Fair.

Warner Edwards' gin was a brilliant discovery in itself, but the bonus was The White Lady cocktail - a delicate, citrus infused sipper that made me very happy indeed.

And then... oh, then. The Turkish Delight Martini. Naughty but not too sweet, this made the end of many an evening an exotic, moreish treat.

Fruity, fancy concoctions

It was a very good summer, but this selection sees me through many a dinner party or special occasion.

Friends couldn't get enough of the raspberry, basil and limoncello martini. It was one of my favourite ever creations, and one is never enough.

I counted the melon mule as one of my five a day, to be honest.

The cherry margarita was the highlight of my summer. The flavours exploded in a foxy, fruity blaze of glory. A real hit.

And then, as the seasons began to change, there was a real plum dinger of a cocktail. Who knew tequila could be so classy?

Summer ended in style. Oh, it really did. Possibly the most popular cocktail of the year was the blackberry and apple crumble cocktail - not just a dessert cocktail, but mouthwatering enough just for drinks in the garden as the sun sets.

Speciality Cocktails

Dean Martin is wonderful for many reasons, not least because his name is one letter short of martini. The Dean Martini was based on his tastes (he loved a martini, and he adored ones infused with orange) but it suited me down to the ground...

Halloween isn't just for kids. The halloween cocktails - hell's martini, greener colada and bloody champain - made for a night of spooky sipping in style.

Then, just a few short days later, Bonfire Night was made with the toffee apple martini. So, so naughty, this isn't one for those who don't have a sweet tooth, but it's not so cloying that you couldn't have two. Or three. Or four...

Doctor Who cocktail! The Fifty Fez Fiz saw the Matt Smith and David Tennant 50th Anniversary double-whammy celebrated in tipsy shenanigans with straw-shredding aplenty.

What were your favourite cocktail creations of 2013? Tell me in the comments!

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