Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Old School Gaming + New School Drinking

Now, if you're anything like me, there is nothing you like more than a few swift beers. However, coming in a pretty close second is a good session on the games console of your choice. So, we have all played drinking games. These may have been card games, neck and nominate etc etc, but what about combining your two favorite things? Drinking games AND gaming?

In light of two new mega consoles being released a few weeks ago, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, I am putting on my jumpsuit and sporting my retro shades as although these consoles are great, for me, nothing beats the old school. Pack up your potions, build up your stamina and save your game because here are my favourite all time OLD SCHOOL drinking game games.

No. 1- Mario Kart Drunk Driving

I thought I would kick this list off with my absolute favourite. Having been a huge fan of Mario Kart for about a million years, adding alcohol and friends was only going to improve it.

Picture taken from Michael Huang
under the CCA
What you need: An N64 (or a Wii/Gamecube if you're a little b**ch), lots of beer, a spirit of your choice and some friends.

How to play: The aim of the game is for each player to finish their beer by the time they finish the race. However, as we all know, drink driving is not only stupid, it's illegal. So!! You must not be moving whilst drinking.

Strategy: My strategy is to simply down my beer when the lights turn green. Although this proves you're L.A.D positive, you do lose time at the start.

Another very common tactic is to go hell-for-leather the whole race, park on the finishing line and chug your beer before inching over at the last second. A worthy tactic, but beware, a star or a blue-shell to another player can be disastrous. And if you're playing on the Wii, you better pray your opponents don't get one of those bloody Rocket-Shark things #sharknado.
Or, if you're the Socrates of your group, stop at regular intervals, drink some beer and then go again.

Forfeit: Oh, have I not mentioned the spirit of choice yet? Whoever loses does a shot. #fresher. Also, don't be Peach. Ever.

No. 2- GoldenEye- Shaken, not Stirred

This one was a gift from my friends at, The Warp Zone. Goldeneye is known as one of if not THE greatest multiplayer games of all time. So, it needed a suitable drinking game to live up to it. As I 'stole' it from them, I am going to let them explain it for you:

Enjoy! Oh, and if you choose to be Xenia..................You're hot. Drink!

No. 3- Street Fighter- Drinks are on Ryu

First off, see what I did there? Ryu........R-you? Whatever. Street Fighter was the first ever game I really got into, so it is only fitting I should let you into my Street Fighter drinking game world.

Picture taken from goodboys_977
under the CCA
What you need: Beer, lots of it. And some spirits. Sound familiar? God damn right it does! 'Cos we don't **** around when it comes to Street Fighter!
Oh, and an original Street Fighter game on the Super Nintendo would help as well.

How to play: Taking it back to basics. Simple 1 v 1 combat. Grab a beer, choose your character (whilst the other isn't looking) and let the battle commence! Whoever wins gets a congratulatory pat on the back in the form of a sip (glug) of beer. The loser, 3 sips/glugs.

Forfeits/side rules: If it is Ryu vs Ken, clink beers like brothers from other Mothers and see them off pre-match. If your opponent finishes you off with a special move, you know what to do - Spirit. Your opponent gets a 'perfect' on you? Well it's a shot for you Glen Co-Co! You Go Glen Co-Co!
Finally, if your opponent is Dhalsim and spends the whole match on the side swinging his elastic arms and legs at you or is Blanca and spends all match being electric, then you can make them drink whatever you want.

P.S. If you're Chun-Lee or Cammy......... Marry me.

This is a great one for adding new rules to as we all have our favorite characters/moves!!

I hope you enjoy playing these games and get you excited about Old School Gaming again! Even if it is only to drink! And please, if it is, drink responsibly!

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