Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Beginnings: Glendronach 15yr Revival

This photo is by Sven Cipido and used
under Creative Commons Licence
This time of year is one for new beginnings and second chances, so to that end it seems appropriate to feature a whisky based specifically on that premise.

Glendronach is a Speyside distillery that was founded in 1826, but after passing hands a couple of times it was closed in 1996. Following it's re-opening in 2001 under the ownership of BenRiach the 12, 15 and 18 yr whiskies of the range were launched in 2008, forming the core range. The Glendronach Revival is probably the most popular whisky in the range and has received impressive plaudits.

Typical to the Speyside region, the Revival is sherried, having been stored in Oloroso casks. This comes through clearly on the nose with nutty, oxidative, raisined and dried fruit notes. There are hints of orange peel and confectionary such as toffee and cooking fudge. This is a wonderfully deep and layered nose, a great one for sitting with through the last of the winter.

On the palate the fact that there is no chill-filtration is immediately apparent: the whisky is thick and slightly oily with great length. There is again fantastic depth here with coffee, spiced fruits and chocolate.

As this whisky is bottled at 46% I feel it benefits greatly from just a touch of water - this mellows the dram a bit and allows it to open up. With the added water pepper starts to come through, along with caramel, cloves and other sweet spices.

This whisky is a true wonder, a fantastic new star on the whisky stage, and one that looks set to continue on its up trajectory and claim many other faithful followers.

Be sure not to deprive yourself, pick up a bottle of the Glendronach 15yr Revival at Master of Malt for £45.83.

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