Monday, 13 January 2014

Join the Vinspire team!

Cheers! These aren't actually our hands, to be honest.

Vinspire is basically the work of a group of young wine and booze-mad friends who work in the drinks industry and all write a weekly blog post about something that's exciting us.
Since we started in March 2013, this blog has been a truly splendid experience and we've loved sharing our passion, exploring all the industry has to offer and making a few friends along the way. But it's also proved a handy portfolio of our drinks musings that has helped several of the team get jobs within the industry and more paid wine writing work. And we'd like to extend that opportunity to you guys!

We don't like being snobby or elitist about booze, but neither do we about our team, and so we're looking for more enthusiastic drinks writers to work with us (and come drinking with us, naturally.)

Obviously, you do have to be able to write brilliant, enthusiastic, well-informed blog posts, and we'd prefer it if you were in the 18-40 age bracket (that's our target audience, anyway), but you don't necessarily need previous writing experience. We'd like to see what you've got.

We can't pay you per post (we're still in our first year!), but we do earn bits and pieces through advertising and sponsored posts which we divide fairly among the team throughout the year, so you should at least occasionally get some dosh (for now.) We also have quite a few nice people who send us lovely new booze to try, and we'll make sure you get some of that too. And we can help you to become known to an ever-growing audience of drinks industry geeks that may want to hire you, be your new BFF or send you a bottle of something tasty.

If you'd like to be part of Vinspire (and all its many good works) then just send us an email (vinspireuk AT gmail DOT com) telling us a bit about yourself, and include a sample blog post (no more than 500 words) about whatever booze is making you tick this month. Try and make it original, informative and suitable for 18-40 year olds who have varying levels of drinks knowledge and appreciation. And try to make it fun!

The closing date for this is Tuesday 21st January at 5pm. We can't wait to hear from you...

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