Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Beer Weekly: Ringwood Brewery

I can't believe it! I've gone a whole week without beer! Naturally there has been other things involved (Whisky, Wine, Bourbon, Gin and the occasional glass of squash) but it's time to remedy that with a lovely offering from the fine folk over at Ringwood Brewery. Hailing from a market town steeped in brewing history, Ringwood are enthusiastic about two things, beer and relaxation. Living by the motto 'Visit the Winding Downs', Ringwood create sublime beers that go hand in hand with their other life pursuit. What's that you say? You want me to kick my shoes off, pour a few glasses and talk about them for the next few paragraphs? Always a pleasure, never a chore!

First from the tap we have Boondoggle. Originally an American term, it basically means, 'Work of little value'. At 4.4%, this Blonde Ale has a beautifully crafted hoppy aroma with hints of orange and lemon zest. Those lively citrus flavours continue on the palate leaving a long, satisfying finish.

Next up is the Forty Niner, a 4.9% Golden ale named after the 1849 Gold Rush. Slightly darker in colour than the Boondoggle, the nose is still very light but more complex than the Boondoggle. Straight away it's full bodied style coats the mouth with it's toasty malt flavours, giving way to a wonderful freshness and a bitter finish.

Finally we have the Old Thumper, a 5.1% strong ale. Anyone guess what this ones named after? No, not Bambi's mates Grandad; that was my first guess. It was actually brewed without a name until a bright spark from Dorset coined it, and what's inside the bottle truly lives up to the name. The nose is a symphony of spice and stewed fruits. In the mouth the initial hit of spice bows out to flavours of cooked apples and cinnamon all resulting in a lip smacking bitter finish.

What's more, all of these were served in a free glass! Score one for Sam!

Ringwood beers are available directly from their website for £1.85 a bottle.

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