Wednesday, 4 December 2013

World's Best Mulled Wine Recipe (According to Freddy)

I'm sure everyone has their own recipe for mulled wine, and I'm sure you think yours is 'the best',  but I thought it might be worth sharing one that is actually, real-life epic. It's easy, it's non-specific, and it gets you very tipsy. Win!

The mastermind behind this legendary mulled wine mix is none other than my own dad, Tim B: artist, good guy, and all-round boozer. Because this is a mix that has gone down extremely well at Christmas parties my whole life, I emailed to ask him for the secret recipe, expecting it to be some sort of family secret passed down through generations. Well, this is the response I got:

"There isn't a recipe as such - I just make it up as I go along!

You need:
Very cheap wine (the nastier the better)
Loads of Demerara sugar
A whole orange with cloves stuck in it (so it looks like a medieval hand grenade)
A few cinnamon sticks
Some extremely cheap brandy (preferably pinched from a tramp*) 
and in order to make it go a bit further (and so as not to poison your guests) it can be diluted with orange juice and some water.

A muslin bag hanging on a string containing 'all spice' wants to bob about in the mulled wine mix at all times.
It's important that you start it very early and add bits as you go along: the key is to constantly taste and add things as you see fit. Too bitter? Add more sugar. Too sweet? More water. If too strong... you may just need to sit down whilst making it.
Always keep some of the mix in the bottom of the pan when making a fresh batch - it gets better as the day progresses."

So good mulled wine really is that simple: cheap wine, cheap brandy and a load of spices. Provided you have the time, there is no need to buy anything pre-mixed - besides, that removes half the fun!
You can't go wrong and, if in doubt, just get your guests a bit mashed, and it will taste GREAT every time.

Remember, Tim Bulmer knows best. You should follow him on Twitter here. Hi Dad!

*please don't steal anything from tramps.

Do you have a special recipe for Mulled Wine? We would LOVE to hear about it. Tell us either below or on our Twitter or Facebook page.

Image taken from Will S.'s photostream, under the creative commons license

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