Monday, 16 December 2013

Gifts for Wine Geeks

Any regular readers of this blog (that'll be my Mum, then - hi Mum) will know I like seeking out pretty wine geek gifts, so there's already plenty of stuff for you to choose from.

Have you looked at the pretty wine glasses I've found? There are loads, from colourful ones to painted ones to classy ones from crazy cheap to something special.

And how about the wine racks? There are so many pretty wine racks, especially the ones from The Metal House.

Or decanters. Oh, I've had fun finding decanters this year.

But if none of these (or our other wine gifts) take your fancy, I've had a scout for you for some other special items.

I've talked about wine candles before (oh, yes, I want all of those) but I also badly want this pretty mulled wine candle. It's £6.50 from Ellie Ellie.

Have we mentioned Toasted Glass before? Oh, only about 2,000 times, and yet I've discovered yet another marvel for wine fans: the 'Shh! There's Wine In Here' mugs. These cheeky beauties are £7.50 each.

Wine tasting notebooks sound a bit pretentious, but throughout the year I've tried so many special bottles that I'd quite like somewhere to note down my favourites to buy again, or peruse over in years to come. Those of you that know my other half's name might see why this personalised wine notebook may have caught my eye. It's £10 by De Long on Not On The High Street.

I seriously want this brilliantly clever 'Carpe Vinum - Seize the Wine!' shopper bag. It's made in London, and it's only £9.85 from the talented Miss Harry on Etsy.

Equally pretty is the typographic wine print from I Love Design. It's £19.

Lastly, look! Reindeer and penguin wine racks! I just love, love, love them. Both festive and silly. They're £23 by Array on Not On The High Street.

Or, you know, you could just buy wine. We've recommended a few of those too...

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