Thursday, 19 December 2013

Best Beer Applications

Are you a beer lover?
Have you been struggling to find somewhere to get your beer fix?
Wanting to go somewhere new with friends, family or work colleagues over Christmas?
Well look no further! Because I am providing you with a guide to my favorite Beer Apps!

Four Pure Brewery
Brew Pal

This is one for those of you out there who, like me, consider ourselves professional brewers. The ultimate companion for those wanting to develop their ideal beer and store all the information easily on their phones.
One for the perfectionist, it will control and calculate all of your recipe details and its slick, easy to use interface means minimal stress on your way to becoming a brew-master. And at only £1.49 from itunes, it is a must buy.

Beer Cloud (for iPhone and Android)

 A brilliant, all round app that provides a number of fun, interactive and informative services, my favorite of which is the ability to scan the barcode of a beer using your phone's camera, and instantly receiving full information and tasting notes for that beer. The app also provides you with an interactive map, listing out and giving directions to all good watering holes around you. And if that isn't enough, there is an extensive beer and food matcher, helping you to pair your favorite foods with the best beers. Oh yeah, and one other thing........ It's free on iPhone and Android!

Ibeers Pro

This is for the really adventurous beer drinkers out there. A who's who of beer, listing thousands of beers from throughout the world, giving information on the brewers, the types of beer, tasting notes and bottle sizes. Simply, an almanac of beer, the Wisden of beer with a host of user-submitted reviews helping you track down your favorite beer. Available in Lite formate as well.

The Old Red Cow
Craft Beer London

Discovered recently whilst out for drinks with a friend from indieales, this is the absolute ultimate app for craft beer lovers in London. Even though I am a lover of craft beer, finding the right pubs throughout London let alone selecting the right beer is always a struggle! With this however, you get hundreds of pubs to choose from, perfect directions and full run-downs of each pub and the beers they do, making your choices easier.

The interactive interface also lets you 'check in' to a pub when you're there, provide ratings and win medals for drinking certain beers. Like checking into pubs 10 times before midday and drinking 10 American beers. Great fun and very informative! £1.99 from the App store.

I really recommend trying out some of these suggestions - Craft Beer London alone provided a whole day of amazing beer tasting and some awesome pubs. It can really open your eyes to the amount of amazing, local craft brewers are out there! Get going!

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