Monday, 16 December 2013

3 Brilliant (and Cheap!) Wines to Match Your Christmas Pudding

I love picking out my Christmas dinner wines - it tends to involve lots of experimentation from around August onwards.

Sometimes you have a budget for something special, and sometimes you resign yourself to the fact that you may be pretty tipsy by the time you get to the Christmas pudding, so blowing all your budget on the dessert wine might not be the best move. 

It's still important to find a tasty, rich match for dessert that will round off the meal nicely, though, so I would like to sincerely recommend the following sub-£7 bottles for the big pud:

1. Torres Floralis Moscatel, £6.49 per 50cl from Morrisons

I hadn't really considered Spain when it comes to sweet wines, but this moscatel is pretty much perfect: orangey, sticky and raisin-heavy, it will be delicious to sip alongside your classic Christmas pudding.

2. Crois Milhas Rivesaltes Ambres, £4.99 per hald at Tesco

Lighter than the Moscatel, but gingery, with hints of cinnamon, and almost plummy. It's also been aged in oak for added round complexity -  mouthwatering, and luscious, it will be delightful with all Christmas pudding's festive spices.

3. Samos Anthemis, £6.95 per half from The Wine Society

This has to be my star buy. The co-op on the Greek island of Samos has been acing their sweet wine production for decades, and this is the best of its range. Rich, honeyed, and slightly spicy, this is just as good with Christmas pudding as it is with your stilton afterwards. One half might not quite be enough.

What are you drinking around your Christmas table this year? Tell us in the comments!

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