Monday, 11 November 2013

Top Stemless Wine Glasses

Although they're sort of seen as the marmite of glassware, stemless wine glasses are currently a huge glassware trend that is well worth giving a try.

The thought behind stemless wine glasses is that they're easier to store, less likely to get knocked over, and are especially good for red wines, because your hands gently warm the wine in the glass.

It's this very reason that puts many people off: we don't want our white wine to warm up too quickly, and it's somewhat harder to avoid when you have to hold the glass by the bowl. Personally, I'm not massively dissuaded by this: stemless wine glasses tend to be smaller, and I'd just pour less white wine so it would be drunk before the temperature could alter too much.

It's also important not to get too het up about your glassware: if you're happy buying dyed glassware (meaning you can't see the wine) or glassware with moustaches on it, you're probably (like me) more of the opinion that pretty is sometimes allowed to overrule function.

Here's my pick of the best of the stemless glassware:

These sweetheart stemless wine glasses are just so pleasing on the eye. The detail is incredible, the design is romantic without being schmalzy, and they're big enough to hold my kind of wine quantity... They're £16.04 (plus £12.19 shipping from the States) from CreationsdeFlorence on Etsy.

LSA are always popular with us Vinspire folk, and they don't disappoint in the stemless category. I love the understated, fat design. These glasses are £23 for four from WineWare.

Anthropologie is home to these Arrondi stemless wine glasses for £6 each. Wonderful colour, wonderful bubble design. I could really see myself on cold winter evening, clutching one of these filled with malbec whilst curled up on the sofa with my friends putting the world to rights.

Okay, some of us might just want something cheap and cheerful, and you can't go wrong with these Ivrig stemless wine glasses from Ikea for £1 each!

Toasted Glass practically feels like family to us now, so often have we waxed lyrical about their designs. I'm completely head over heels for these black lace stemless wine glasses. They're actually pretty sexy. They're £48 for two, but the painstaking hand-painted pattern is well worth it.

Sometimes, it's just nice to be a total geek. Riedel glassware - with its differently-shaped glasses for various different types of wines -  is perfect for all wine dorks out there, but can be on the pricy side. The Riedel stemless glassware set is £63 (from Amazon), but includes all five of their stemless designs, to suit everything from cabernet/merlot to chardonnay to pinot noir/nebbiolo.

Lastly, these confetti stemless wine glasses are really precious, and excellent value for money. They're hand-painted in vibrant, autumnal colours, and come all the way from Louisiana (on Etsy). Is the postage crazy? Nope. It's £7.70, and the glasses themselves are only £15.40 for the set of four.

Will you be joining the stemless wine glass trend, or is it too impractical for you?

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