Friday, 29 November 2013

The Global Wine Shortage

QUICKLY! To the shops!

Yes, it really is that bad! You may have heard in the news very recently that there is a global shortage of wine; demand is greatly out-doing supply and I'm pretty sure that this is one of the first signs of the apocalypse. Not that I want to scare you too much or anything...

So WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN!? Well, quite simply it is largely due to the shoddy weather in much of wine-producing Europe of late. Bad weather means less wine and less wine means sad Vinspire people (a tin for donations will be going round shortly). It is likely that prices will increase if things don't improve over the next few vintages and I would hazard a guess that quality will drop on a lot of 'lower end' wines, due to increased pressure to for increased volume.

My top-tip? Rush around with your arms flailing in the air, bumping into other people and screaming "DON'T PANIC!!!" down wine isles in supermarkets, knocking wine bottles off shelves and tripping over other people who have been reduced to laying on the floor in a foetal position, quietly crying to themselves because they just cant bare to live another day without an exquisite bottle of Clare Valley Riesling in the wine rack.


Don't worry too much, it probably won't be that bad, just enjoy drinking tons of wine now, just incase...

Whichever option you take is totally your call (the first one sounds more fun in some ways).

Thankfully, the good folks at the BBC have covered this topic, so here is a pretty selection of moving images for your enjoyment and information.

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