Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Supermarket Specials: Asda

That's right, it's time for Asda to be in the spotlight with three choices from their Extra Special range. Over the last few weeks I've covered
Sainsburys, Waitrose and Tesco with very surprising results. Will the Asda offering be just as good? Or will they just fall flat on their malts? Here we go!

First up we have Asdas Extra Special Golden Ale. As you can imagine it is golden in colour, with a delightful nose of toasted barley and citrus. It has a smooth mouth feel with a rich body. Straight away there's a hit of malt which dies down to a delicate citrus finish. While the finish is rather short, it doesn't make it any less refreshing. A nice wind down beer.

Next is the Extra Special Mainbrace IPA. Deeper in colour than a lot of IPA's I've had in the past (sort of defeats the point of it being called India Pale Ale), it's nose doesn't really give much away. There's a slight maltiness and a whiff of fruit but other than that, it keeps itself to itself. Once it's on the palate however it's a different story. It's a medium bodied brew bursting with flavours of orange zest and nuts.

Finally we have the rather curious Extra Special Gentleman Jack. A lively amber colour, the nose gives off aromas of white pepper and barley. It's very full bodied with flavours of dried fruits and warming notes of cinnamon and pepper. The warmth of the spice combined with the alcohol leave a satisfying finish that stays with you long after the fruitiness has disappeared.

All these bottles can be picked up for a mere £1.80 a bottle but are currently on offer for 3 for £5.

I've never been too sure of Asda as a supermarket. The deals seem good but the overall quality is what I always questioned. Now however, I have been turned around. Not only is the price good, but the beer isn't bad at all either!

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