Monday, 4 November 2013

Rewined Candles: Recycled Wine Bottles, Wine Grape Scent!

Last week, I got a much-needed email from my lovely friend Louise (go and bookmark her incredible website, it will give you the biggest smiles ever), the contents of which were particularly exciting.

You see, Louise is lovely enough to read this blog, and even lovelier enough to send me things she finds that are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for it, and for all of us wine fans. And the subject of her email made me very happy indeed.

You see, a really nice chap in America was working at a restaurant a few years ago, and got sad about how many empty wine bottles were being wasted each night. So he took them home, and started making them into candles.

So far, so lovely, but I'm sure you've all seen wine bottle candles before - they're pretty popular, and hardly anything new.

What IS new at Rewined Candles, however, is the scents of the candles: this aforementioned restaurant worker, Adam, decided to make the candles smell like the vino that was once resident within their glass exteriors. Yes, that's right: he made candles that smell like wine!

Not just any generic booze smell either - Rewined now do a huge range of wine smells, based on popular grape varieties, meaning you're bound to have a favourite. Have a look at their gorgeous range:

What about the honeyed, citrussy, slightly bready smell of a good Champagne? Or a herbal, grassy, gooseberry-filled sauvignon blanc candle? Or you could get warm with scents of plum and vanilla in this merlot candle. Or feel very refined indeed with the earthy, floral pinot noir.

Personally, I'd love a smokey, cassis-y cabernet candle, although I'm also very tempted by the riesling candle. There's also a woody, tropical honeyed chardonnay, and a light and minerally pinot grigio.

And for a limited time, they've even branched into seasonal offerings with the spiked cider candle: cloves, buttered rum, and autumn apples abound.

A very, very good thing is that Rewined candles are now stocked all over the UK - there are dozens of stockists, listed by region, so you're bound to find one near you. You can also buy them online at several stores, although one of the most keenly-priced is House Envy, who sell almost the entire range of Rewined candles. They're £21.50 each. Hooray!

Which grape variety would be your candle of choice? Tell us in the comments!

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