Monday, 18 November 2013

Oddka Vodka: The Odder The Better?

If you've been paying attention to the booze aisle in your local supermarket (and if you are, I'm both impressed and concerned for you) then you may have noticed a few intriguing bottles appearing over the last few weeks.

Oddka Vodka is definitely marketing itself in the 'something different' category, and it's not surprising they're being stocked by Revolution Bars: they're trying very hard to offer something completely new to explore. The premise is that Wit Oddoski, an eccentric with a vodka-related dream, created the range because he wanted to bring the world more unusual flavours. So how well do they succeed?

They sent me a selection of their unique vodka liqueurs to try, so some of my best girls and I sat down with empty glasses and piqued interests.

Twisted Melon flavour was our first choice, and has a pleasing pale coral colour, but was the one we were least excited about. Oh, how we underestimated it! It smells and tastes quite literally like fresh, summery, juicy slices of watermelon which have been blended with a healthy slug of good vodka. It's 20% abv, so dangerously sippable, and smooth enough to drink on its own over ice or as part of a multitude of summery cocktails. Oddka recommend combining 2 shots of vodka with 4 shots of cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime, and I like the sound of this very much indeed.

Salted Caramel Popcorn flavour smells quite simply divine. It's sweet, biscuity and inviting, but the palate just falls short of the mark in living up to the intensity of the gorgeous aromas. It is very tasty indeed, but it's subtler than we imagined, so I think it will shine in cocktails and boozy bakes. For a perfect cocktail idea, see below...

And then there's Electricity flavour. Yes, you read it right: the aim with this stronger Oddka (it's 30%) is to create a shot with a bit of bite. It smells like fruity confectionary (in a good way, rather than an alcopop way) and tastes like it too, but WOW THE TINGLES! It's way better than popping candy - it really feels like mini currents are zinging through your mouth - and it leaves you with a gorgeous warmth throughout your mouth and throat. It's one of the most pleasant shots I've attempted (and I'm not a shots fan by any means.)

The Oddka guys helpfully provided me with a few cocktail ideas, too, the most exciting of which is the Directors Cut cocktail, perfect for long evenings in front of a film or two. You can leave out the egg white if you're nervous, but I think it makes it:

Other flavours include 'freshly cut grass' and 'peach bellini', so there's something on the 'odd' scale for most palates out there. The grassy variety is fresh and crying out for summer days, and peach bellini is perfect for a celebratory shot with a bit of style

Oddka vodkas are available from Asda for £8.00 per 50cl bottle, as well as Sainsbury's for slightly more, and various other UK retailers.

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