Friday, 24 November 2017

Gin Geeks: Gifts for Gin Lovers

Believe me, if you like gin, or know someone that does, there is going to be a LOT of damage done to your bank balance by the end of this post.

Whether you're looking for a gift for someone who loves a G&T or want to make your own Christmas wish list, there's so much more you can buy than just a bottle of gin (which they've probably got tons of anyway). Grab a gin and tonic and read on...

Now we know some terrible crimes have been committed in the name of gin (G+T flavoured crisps anyone?!) so we've tried our hardest to steer clear of the tat, and stick to the good stuff. There are things at all prices, from stocking fillers, to the more pricier end.

Firstly, advent is coming, and the genius guys at Master of Malt have come up with the best invention of the 21st century so far, for definite: a ginvent calendar. Instead of chocolate, you get a mini gin sample for each day of advent! A different gin and tonic every single day!! Joy of joys!

There are a few of them around now, so take your pick from:

Botanical ginvent calendar for £124.95.
That Boutique-y gin advent calendar, £99.95
Gin advent calendar, £124.95
Origin Single Botanical gin advent calendar, £99.95


There's plenty of gin sweet treats out there, from these alcoholic gin and elderflower lollipops from Holly's Lollies, (£6.25), to this gin and tonic sherbert dib dab (£3.45, Etsy).

I'm also a huge fan of these super cute gin bottle lights, by Tatty Devine (£25, John Lewis).

Okay, this blew my mind so much. Our favourite Toasted Glass doesn't just do glassware - they also do teacups and saucers, and teapots - and the best thing ever is this There May Be Gin In Here teapot for £34. You can also get a teacup and saucer in the same design for £25.

Where better to drink a gin than in a bath? And listen, guys, you can SERIOUSLY gin-pimp your bath: there's gin and tonic bath foam and shower gel (Fur, Feather and Fin, £10.99), gin and tonic bath salts (£5.99, Amazon), and a fancy gin and tonic candle (£9.95, Not on the High Street). Don't forget the wine candles I told you about earlier today, too!

After your bath, you can use some of Firebird's gin and tonic perfume (£15 from Boots) and try not to eat any of this gin and tonic lip balm (£5.45, Amazon), or £6 from Oliver Bonas.

If you want to be really practical, Plants4Presents on Not On The High Street are selling this epic Gin and Tonic gift set: a mini bottle of gin, some Fever Tree tonic, and a lemon tree! It's £65.

Gin accessories make me very happy indeed. NotontheHighStreet is selling coasters with gin recipes on them (£3.95) which are rather pretty.

Then there's the ultimate in novelty ice cubes (well worthy of a place in our novelty ice cube guide from earlier this year) - Gin and Titonic ice cube mould, which are a reasonable £4.99 from Amazon.

Of all the gin prints I've found, this Home is Where the Gin Is print definitely tops my list (a mere £12,

If you know a green-fingered gin lover who loves their Hendrick's, this is the perfect prezzie. It comes with everything you need to grow your own mini cucumbers, and a couple of miniature bottle of gin too (£15, Ocado).

And if you know a pal who has plenty of gin, but nothing proper to drink it out of, these copa glasses from Amazon are a bit of a bargain at £13.99 for 6, with free delivery.

What are you buying for the gin lover in your life? Tell us in the comments!

(Updated 2017 by Rachael to check all products are in stock and prices correct - and don't miss our second Gin Gift Guide roundup we made for Christmas 2014)

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