Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Why are Demijohn's 'The Bloody Pirate' Liqueurs the Perfect Gift? Because They Arrrr

Time is marching ever onward, high streets are festooned with christmas lights and the battle of the Christmas ads has commenced. One shop that has caught our eye already this year despite lacking a multi-million marketing budget is Demijohn, an Edinburgh based "liquid deli".

Demijohn is a retailer of liquid goodies and gifts, liqueurs, wine, whisky, spirits, vinegars and oils that come all wrapped up in pharmacist-come-alchemist styled bottles.

This is the place to get a really unique, alcoholic gift for Christmas: you can not only pick and mix a selection from their wonderful range of booze, but Demijohn have also put together special pre-made gift packages, and you can even have custom gift messages written onto the bottles.

Completely besotted as we were with the selection available Demijohn were kind enough to send us a sample of the Bloody Pirate, a 2 bottle gift set comprising Raspberry Vodka and Spiced Rum liqueurs that can be drunk separately or mixed 1:1 over ice to make a lovely sweet cocktail. Besides, it's a pirate-themed gift - YAY, PIRATES!

On the nose, the aromas mingle beautifully; it is very reminiscent of Pineau de Charente or a dark sweet wine such as Samos. There are lovely Christmas Pudding-like notes with stewed raisins, berries and honeyed fruit mixed with sweet spice and caramel. Perfect for this time of year, and a real winter warmer.

On the palate it is very sweet, but not at all cloying thanks to the ice. Again, the flavours are quite in the vein of a sweet wine with stewed honeyed fruits, raspberry, and also a slight flutter of Speyside malt mixed with a nice golden rum punch. It is a wonderful flavour, it doesn't really develop but it is so pleasing it didn't really need to. The Bloody Pirate is ridiculously easy to drink - it goes down like a dream and the separate components are great on their own too... it's a veritable 3 for 1.

This is a guaranteed pleaser of a gift, and let's face it, it's also perfect for those of us that fancy trying something a little different this festive season, and are looking to treat ourselves. Pickup the Bloody Pirate for £29.30 from Demijohn: it's available online as well as in their shops in Edinburgh, Glasgow, York and Oxford.

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