Monday, 14 October 2013

Shops we Love: Wine Gift Centre

We've actually featured Wine Gift Centre a couple of times before - their version of wine top trumps was our geeky guilty pleasure, and the price of their ice buckets meant there was no excuse for endless summer parties, but if you delve a little deeper into this shop there are plenty of treasures to be found.

Wine Gift Centre should feature on everyone's Christmas lists. I mean - as the name may have already suggested to you - it is, after all, a gift shop for wine and booze lovers. If you're not a wine or booze lover, I'm not quite sure why you're here, or how you've made it this far into the post.

Anyway, I really recommend having a browse. The shop is actually owned by Waiters' Friend, a company many wine fans will have heard of, and so they're a reliable source of excellent quality winewares.

That said, their prices are in some instances unbelievable - you really can pick up something handy for as little as a quid. A QUID.

Here are some of my favourite items:

There aren't enough pretty corkscrews in the world, but Wine Gift Centre does tons of 'em. I think my favourite is this Fleur de Lis one, but I also love the even girlier hearts corkscrew, as well as the cute candy stripe one. There's even a christmassy snowflake corkscrew - and they're only £12 each!

We've shown you many a dream decanter in the past, and they can get pretty pricey. But this fabulous Cuvee Prestige decanter is under £40, and features a pretty bunch of grapes in its centre.

The grapes aren't just for show, though - rolling the wine over their irregular surface actually accentuates the aeration process, allowing the wine's flavours and aromas to develop even faster. It's the company's October Product of the Month, and justly so.

Don't overexcite yourself, my beauties, but there's now an ALE TOP TRUMPS GAME TOO! Now beer aficionados and lager louts alike can get tipsy whilst playing a game revolving around their favourite tipple. Discovering this has made my day - I know far too many real ale fanatics who would love this for Christmas, and it's only £5.99!

Lastly, how about these port sippers. How crazy do they look?! Apparently, drinking port from the base of the glass rather than the top is a practice that dates back hundreds of years, because it allows you to drink the port that hasn't made contact with and been tainted by the air yet. This means you drink the port in its purest form.

I don't know about that, but I do know that I really, really want one. It's probably the most interesting drinking vessel I've ever seen, and it's £8.99 for TWO! Now The Boy and I can enjoy a glass of port in the best possible way - drinking the nicest part AND looking slightly like loons. I genuinely want someone to buy me these today - I must have them.

Have you been window-shopping at Wine Gift Centre yet? What's on your wishlist? Come and have a chat in the comments, or on our Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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