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13 Spooky Wines for Halloween

AARRGGHHH! Halloween is nearly here. It's that time of year again, when children who probably shouldn't be out by themselves after dark egg defenceless old people's houses and then demand sweets. Aaah how magical...

Us folks who are now too old to get away with dressing up and knocking on peoples doors at night without coming across as burgulars or murderes will most likely be in with some friends celebrating the spookiest night of the year.

"But what to drink!?" I hear you ask. Or maybe I'm imagining things. Either way, here are some wine suggestions that are are fittingly spooky.

1.  Ghost Corner Sauvignon Blanc, £17.95, Slurp

Wooooh! A scary sauvignon if ever I heard of one, perfect for an evening of tall tales and things that go bump in the night. It's not just a good name - this wine also won a trophy at the Decanter Wine Awards this year.

2.  Bulls Blood, £19.99 at Selfridges.
This appropriately gory named 'Bulls Blood' is a classic wine from Hungary. Often over looked for the much more famous Tokaji, this is a red made from native grape varieties. Selfridges do the delicious Bolyki Egri Bikaver which is made from Kefrankos with a little bit of Merlot and Blauburgunder. This is a rich, full bodied wine, perfect for drinking when dressed as a vampire...
Bolyki Egri Bikaver is available from Selfridges for £19.99

3.  The Waxed Bat Shiraz Cabernet Malbec, £8.99, Laithwaites

A brilliant, gold, spooky label and a name evocative of vampire's lairs - I like the sound of this already. I actually tasted this about a year ago, and it made a jolly good accompaniment to a Sunday roast - so its smooth, juicy flavours won't disappoint either.

4.  Monsters Attack Riesling, £15.99

Oh yes, that's right, its our friends Some Young Punks again. Monsters Attack is a bloody delicious reisling that is perfect to get you in the mood for the little shits monsters knocking on your door, demanding sugary goodness, or one of them will set fire to your car.
This is a classic aromatic riesling that is nicely complex. We have written about Some Young Punks before so go have a read, or the monsters WILL attack and they WILL burn your house down if you don't have lemon sherbet, or whatever bloody kids eat nowadays.
Monsters Attack is available from the ever-so-good Drink Finder for £16.99

5.  Charles Smith 'The Velvet Devil' Merlot, £12.95 at Slurp

Not only is this a tastefully dark and spooky-labelled wine, it's also a chance to try an American wine from outside California - this is from Washington. Now you can be scared, tipsy AND learn something new...

6.  7 Deadly Zins, Michael David, Lodi, £16.99 at Adnams

A sinful name, but also a cracking example of a Zinfandel from the excellent Lodi region in California. This is rich, earthy and concentrated - a delicious bottle to curl up with whilst hiding from trick or treaters...

7.  'Evil' Cabernet Sauvignon, £15.99 at Noel Young Wines

This wine just looks plain terrifying, if I'm honest. But I'm told it's really rather tasty... do you dare try it?

8. The Spectre Riesling, £29.99 at Red Squirrel Wines

This isn't the branding you'd necessarily expect from a German wine, but that's exactly what this is, although this is no ordinary riesling. It's made by the WMD guys (we've told you about them before) - two winemakers who make a 'pop-up' wine in a different region each year, always with spectacular results.

9. Bogle 'Phantom' red, £18.01 at Excel Wines

A concentrated California red with powerful dark flavours of black pepper, fig and anise.

10. Castle of Dracula Marsecco, £10.95 at Tilly Wines

As well as an absolutely stunning label (and suitably eerie name) this wine is a lovely example of the Marzemino grape that is slowly gaining popularity in the UK, although it's been popular in Italy for yonks and apparently even Mozart was a fan.

11. Spellbound Petite Sirah, £15.95 at Berry Brothers

This Berry Brothers offering is made by legendary Californian producer Robert Mondavi (Junior!), so you know it's going to be good. I'm a big, big fan of petite sirah as well - so if you haven't already tried this grape, this would be a very good start indeed. Silky, red-fruit flavoured wine with a liquorice finish. Gorgeous.

12. Little Demon Cabernet Merlot, £12.25 at Tilly's Wine

A lovely Australian blend with suitably dark and savoury flavours for the spookiest night of the year.

13. Casillero del Diablo wine collection, all good supermarkets

If you run out of time or just want something simple, every supermarket sells the Casillero del Diablo range. Diablo of course means 'devil' in Spanish, and... well... the labels have sort of blood-red writing on them? It's a stretch, but at least after our review of the Casillero del Diablo range last year you know it's good value stuff.

There's also the Casillero Devil's Collection Red (pictured above), which is currently on offer at Tesco for just £6.99 a bottle.

That should be enough to wet those fangs, or if you REALLY want to scare your friends, you could serve a bottle of Gallo rosé, but we all know you aren't that evil...

What are you drinking for halloween? We would love to know. Tell us by commenting below or on our twitter and facebook pages.

header image taken from Pedro J. Ferreira's photostream under the creative commons license.

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