Monday, 7 October 2013

Pinterest Monthly: Vintage Drinking

What a month it's been since we first introduced you guys to our Vinspire Pinterest page. We've doubled in followers, we've created even more new boards for your perusal pleasure, and I've finally managed to stop myself from drooling at my keyboard while I look through the delicious drinks ideas to be found there.

This month, I thought I'd show you one of my all-time favourite boards: Vintage Drinking.

There's a reason I'm obsessed with champagne saucers, juleps, and gorgeous drinks cabinets. It's not just a design thing - although the glassware, cocktails, and homewares of the 1920s-1950s were some of the most glamourous things in existence - it's the people who used them.

Filmstars pictured posing effortlessly with a cocktail, iconic figures working the room of a swanky drinks party, and music legends cracking open the Champagne - these are the people I long to emulate when I sip a cocktail or pop the cork on some bubbly - effortless, chic, glamourous and deliciously decadent. That's what drinking is to me - it's not downing a bottle of some decidedly average plonk to get drunk at the weekend, or binge-drinking in a club, it's trying to find the best, and dressing up to drink it in good company.

The Vintage Drinking board is packed full of black-and-white images of iconic stars posing with drinks, looking all heavenly and decadent, and like they're having a very good time indeed. It also contains a littering of wonderful vintage drinks advertisements, which make me very happy indeed.

So let's have a look at some highlights...

Alcohol advertising doesn't get much better than this - how about these fabulous booze campaigns backed by Eartha Kitt and Nat King Cole?

Going back even further, I absolutely love this Seager's gin advert (in fact I have a poster of it on my wall at home), and the woman in this Martini advert is utterly fabulous.

How about a nice photo of Marilyn Monroe drinking Champagne? Or Cary Grant with a cuppa? Or Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra sharing a cocktail with a vintage telephone thrown in for good measure?

Maybe you should just take a moment to have a look at this photo of James Dean with a coffee. Yup, think I'm going to be looking at the for a while.

And who doesn't basically want to BE Sofia Loren in this gorgeous photo of her casually hanging out with a drink and an apple.

Then there's the perfection that is Greta Garbo with a martini glass full of something dark and delicious. And Lucille Ball just being fabulous with champagne.

Lastly, HOW COOL is this vintage whisky dispensing machine? I want one, so bad.

This is just the tip of a magnificent iceberg - have a browse through tons more icons and legends sipping something fabulous on the Vintage Drinking board, or check out the rest of the Vinspire Pinterest account. It's probably the best way to lose an afternoon ever.

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