Friday, 25 October 2013

Hobgoblin - The Unofficial Beer Of Halloween

It was a long day at work yesterday, so on my way home I thought I would treat myself to a nice bottle of beer.
While looking through the shop's rather limited selection, I notice some Hobgoblin with a special halloween label. I hadn't had Hobgoblin for ages so I picked up a couple of bottles and thought it would be PERFECT for a halloween post that would be totally vinspiring...

Brewed by the really well known Marston's Brewery, Hobgoblin is a beer that you will see everywhere. So often with the sort of booze that is all over the supermarkets, its very much run of the mill and I didn't really remember Hobgoblin as being anything too special but I was feeling adequately spooky, so the label enticed me to buy two bottles...

I was amazed at how good the beer is.

When I opened the first bottle, the colour was really nice, a really dark ruby.
It has spice on the nose but nothing too out of the ordinary, it is nicely hoppy too. On the palate though, it really is delicious. I don't know about it being a particularly scary beer, apart from the creepy little goblin bloke on the label...

If anything, this for me is quite a Christmassy beer (yes, Christmassy IS a word. Shut up). It is really nice and warming but the fact that it is 5.2% probably has something to do with that.
It has a deliciously dark flavour with a slightly burnt finish, which works in it's favour.

This would be perfect with a sunday dinner or even a back of pork scratchings (who are you trying to fool?? I know you would go for the pork scratchings).

You can pick up a bottle of Hobgoblin in just about any supermarket for around the £2 mark for a 500ml bottle.

Go out and pick up the Halloween bottles for some spooky drinking.

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