Thursday, 17 October 2013

Digital Drinking: Brilliant Youtube Booze Reviews

For my post today I thought I would have a bit of fun. Quite often when I am sat at home enjoying a glass or two of my chosen tipple for the evening, I pop onto Youtube and watch online video reviews, just to get a head start on what may be next on the chopping block.

Although I start it off as an educational, interesting and insightful voyage into the unknown, the boat almost always gets sucked by the rip-tide onto the rocky shores of hilarity and tom-foolery. Possibly with some treasured rubies found off the port side. Zing.

So I thought I would share with you today some of my favorite discoveries and some that simply get you rolling around in stitches on the poop-deck. AHOY!

One of my favorite reviewers for beer and more than that, one of my favorite beers from the Windsor & Eton Brewery. Great mix of fun and fact. Good man!

If you can get past the 'Murican accent, WineLibraryTV provides some really insightful, interesting and professional wine reviews. So certainly check him out.

And then from the factual, to the darn right funny.

Go on the Brits! Now that is my sort of review. Quick, to the point, and boozy. You can be my cabin boy any day.

There are many reviews on Youtube that can provide brilliantly quick and easy information on drinks, so I strongly recommend having a trawl through and finding some that may suit you a bit better! Happy Searching!

P.S. In no way do I or any of my colleagues here at Vinspire promote excessive drinking. It is pretty funny though.

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