Monday, 28 October 2013

Brilliant Thermal Flasks for Under £20

It's nearly Bonfire night, and I can't wait!

Every year when I was little, my Ma would pack us off to the local fireworks with sausages wrapped in foil and a thermal flask of hot chocolate. Sipping from that while I oohed and ahhed at the fireworks was one of the best parts of the night, so much so that I've never really grown out of the tradition.

Now, however, I'm more likely to fill the flask with irish coffee, or some other comforting boozy concoction that keeps us warm in much more grownup ways. These days, I also like to have a pretty flask (because I'm clearly not middle class enough) so I've been on the lookout for some gorgeous examples to share with you.

One of my faves is this Wild and Wolf typewriter flask (£16.69, Amazon) - I'd love to take this to the park and sit on a bench writing stories. Probably shit stories, but still.

Wild and Wolf are actually responsible for a great many amazing flasks (look! A Beano one!) but this scrabble flask appeals to yet another of my geeky sides. It's £17.99 from John Lewis.

They also do a world map flask, but I actually prefer this much cheaper world map flask from Urban Outfitters (it's only £14!) It's much more colourful.

Much less colourful, but no less lovely, is this Dad's Army flask (£15.42, Amazon). There's something about the words 'tea rations' that sends shivers of terror down my spine, though...

The V&A roses flask is exactly the sort of pattern my nan would have loved, meaning I obviously adore it too. It's £15.95.

Ooh, a pretty cottage in the middle of nowhere! Sounds perfect. I love this cottage flask from Cath Kidston, and it's only £16.

Lastly, and I think my favourite of the lot, is this black and white 'adventurer' balloon flask from John Lewis. A simple but gorgeous design, it makes me want to have an adventure right now. With a boozy coffee close at hand, naturally.

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