Monday, 9 September 2013

The English Spirit Distillery

It got markedly chillier in my neck of the woods over the weekend, and I had a rummage in my booze cupboard for something a little warming. I stumbled across a forgotten purchase from my holiday last month: a bottle of raspberry liqueur made by The English Spirit Distillery.

I found them at a wondrous food market in Creake Abbey, North Norfolk (not far from Burnham Market) and they were by far the best booze stall on the day.

Based a few miles from Newmarket in Cambridgeshire, they use copper pot stills to make a variety of spirits, including vodka, rum, whiskey, and a wide range of interesting liqueurs. The hand-written additions on the labels are really charming, and show just how homemade their products are. The range varies with the seasons (I'm reliably informed their sloe gin is on the way), and their online shop always has a range of tempting specialities.

I'm hankering after the cucumber spirit, made in a gin-style but without junipers. It's herbal and peppery along with the cucumber, and there's a lovely fruity finish. It's £30 per 70cl bottle, and is on my list for essential Ultimate Bloody Mary ingredients.

Their Old Salt Rum (£26 for 50cl) is also very inviting, filled with salted caramel and pineapple character, and their Vanilla Pod Vodka (£30 for 70cl) is so much more luxurious than the average bulk-produced variety.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the English Sambuca. Normally I
avoid it like the devil, as it reminds me of nights spent with my head down a toilet (or worse!) but it's delightfully clean-tasting and moreish.

As for the raspberry liqueur (no longer available, as it's out of season), it was a delight. It's made with fresh Norfolk raspberries, and really does taste like sweet liquid fruit with a hint of warming booze.

If you want to taste a sample of their products, the Snifter Range is brilliant: 5 mini-bottles (50ml, which is two good shots) of their most popular flavours, for just a tenner!

I'm personally looking forward to the sloe, and their whiskey is soon to be released and promises to be a real treat for booze fans. Give them a call for more info about availability and upcoming delights.

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  1. Fun fact - did you know that as well as being flavoured with essential oils obtained from anise, star anise and liquorice, Sambuca also contains elderflowers?

    Can't wait to try some of these!