Thursday, 5 September 2013

Squeezing the Last of Summer: Warner Edwards Elderflower Infused Gin

We're now into September, the dark evenings are creeping ever closer and you can practically feel the chill in the air. Yet, don't give in, we can have a couple more weeks of summer, lounging in the garden with a nice iced beverage if we damn well choose! To that end, I believe the perfect way to round off the summer is with the ever refreshing spirit known as gin.

We have spoken already about the relatively recent startup distillery, Warner Edwards and the fabulous work we think they're doing. Tom and Sion have a new concoction for us, having taking the botanicals that go into their Harrington's Dry Gin they are now loading up Curiosity (the name of their still) with elderflower. This new addition is sourced from the hedgerows surrounding their farm (how awesome is that for a start?) and as such, is seasonal and limited to an exclusive 2000 bottles this year.

On the nose there are great similarities between this and Harrington's Dry, being full of lemon, juniper, florals, ginger, but the elderflower note is kicked up a notch. It is also noticeable that the gin has a slightly grassy green tint to it in the bottle, disappearing when in the glass.

This as we have come to expect from W.E. is a wonderful sipping gin that can be enjoyed on it's own or on the rocks. On the palate it is wonderfully smooth, full bodied, slightly warming with a much expected heaping of elderflower. This gin is absolutely fantabulous and is actually surprisingly sweet almost with notes of honey or syrup coming through.

This is a top notch juniper based, elderflower flavoured bomb. W.E. have produced yet another floral, delicate and wonderfully balanced gin with amazing poise and panache. It is great on it's own or with tonic, but would also make the perfect base for an elderflower gimlet, true summer refreshment manifest.

Warner Edwards Elderflower Infused Gin is currently only available through their website for £35

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