Friday, 13 September 2013

I Heart, 'i heart wines' - Why You Will Too...

I love being active, I love walking on a beach in winter with the wind in my hair, I love putting on a coat when it starts to turn chilly, I love snuggling up in an armchair with a good book and a (large) glass of red. I also love swimming, feeling the sun on my back, and shopping. Whilst this sounds like a cheesy personal profile introduction on a dating website, it's not. Sadly, I'm taken (hearing hearts break all over the UK!).

But it is about me - the truth is, like many of us, there are all kinds of things which make us smile on the inside, and on the out. This 'grab life with two hands' attitude is the ethos behind eye-catching wine brand i heart wines. Having stumbled to their website only yesterday, I was immediately made to feel at home, and their introduction nicely sums up the simple message behind their brand...

'We love wine. We love everything about wine. We love that there is always something new to try. It might be a grape variety, a style or even an unusual food match. This range is a collection of our favourite wines. All you have to do is follow your heart and pour yourself a glass.' 

Having tried the i heart Prosecco, available at Tesco Wine by the Case (exclusively online) for the equivalent of £10.00 a bottle, it's on par with many other Prosecco's on the market.  True to style, it's bursting with classic floral aromas and delicate apple and peach flavours. Light and sparkling it's  perfect for pre-dinner drinks or any celebration - this weekend, its the other half's birthday, so we'll likely pop a few bottles open. We might even make it go a little further and whip up Peach Bellini's.

The i heart team tell us it's great with Parma ham or spicy Asian bites and equally lovely with asparagus risotto or Italian cheeses. They've even recommended a few cocktails to try.

Other wines in the range include iheart Rosé, iheart Merlot and iheart Pinot Grigio, which are all available by the bottle at Sainsbury's, both in-store and on-line, each for just £5.99!

The Rosé has gorgeous strawberry aromas and soft red berry flavours. Whilst the summer sun has faded and Rosé no longer conjures up fantasies of long, sunny evenings in the garden, this fresh, fruity wine works well with spicy foods, such as chicken jalfrezi, or a Thai red curry to take us into autumn

The Merlot is smooth, soft and fruity and perhaps your new best friend for autumn! Perfect for cosy nights in in your first pair of fluffy socks of the year, this is full of black forest fruits and a tang of raspberry. Think comfort food for this one - sausage and mash, spaghetti bolognese, beef casserole. I can feel the warmth already!

The Pinot Grigio is a food and friends wine - easy to drink in the company of either, and not too complex to distract your attention. Light and dry, with citrus aromas of lemon and lime, the i heart team recommend trying the PG with caesar salad, stir-fry, fish and chips or crab linguine.
To complete the set, there is also i heart Chardonnay, i heart Sauvignon Blanc and i heart Shiraz, which are available at various other stockists around the UK, and at the Calais Wine Superstore if you fancy popping over to le French side!

Have you tried any of the i heart range? If so, we'd love to know what you think! Get in touch via our Twitter or Facebook page!

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