Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday Cocktail: The Commodore #2

It's back to school week, which may mean one of several things for you, none of which are particularly fun. If you're a student, you know it's not long before you too go back to another round of lectures and seminars. If you're a teacher, you've got to take care of another bunch of unruly children. If you're a parent, you have to start the dreaded school run again. And if you're none of these things, then the weather's about to turn shit and you don't get to go and buy a new pencil case, and that's the most tragic of all.

What you need is whisky. Whisky and chocolate. Whisky and chocolate and a big, cold glass to wrap your hands around as you stare contemplatively into the distance, watching it get darker earlier and earlier as the nights draw in.

Enter: The Commodore #2. So-called because it's the second (and best) Commodore cocktail, rather than for any scatological insinuations, it's basically a mixture of Very Good Things that will cheer you up as the weather gets colder, or will at least get you slightly tipsy.

The Commodore #2 Recipe (serves one)

  • 30ml* whisky (bourbon is best, but if you're having one of those days you really don't need to be fussy)
  • 30ml creme de cacao
  • 30ml lemon juice
  • A dash of grenadine

*If you're having a really bad day, up this to 45ml. I won't tell anyone.

Shake it!

It's a nice easy one: pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake away your blues, and strain into a glass. Plop an ice cube in for good measure (although we prefer the un-diluting whisky stones instead).

The traditional glass is a Champagne flute, but I prefer an old-fashioned or martini glass.

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