Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Customer Service Is Key

Good customer service is something that I'm always an absolute sucker for. If I'm stuck between quotes from two companies for example, it is the quality of customer service that will swing it for me every time.

Customer service is something that is incredibly important in the wine industry because, for me, wine is all about relationships.

Having been both a worker in the wine industry and a consumer (often consuming waaay too much) I have experienced all levels of customer service and although the majority of it has been good, there has also been plenty of shoddy service that I have come across and really, there's no excuse. Even if I AM naked in your shop (That didn't happen...)

Having been on the receiving end of the phone, speaking to a particularly ignorant customer (theoretically) who wants merloT and sAviGnon (for example) for under £4 a bottle (ok FINE it has happened), I know how frustrating it can be but it is still inexcusable to be rude, even to the most irritating of people.

Although wine can be as geeky as you make it, generally no mater what positions you hold within the industry, you work in some form of customer services because you are selling the public a product for their enjoyment. Nobody buys wine because they have to, so if they aren't getting satisfactory service, there are plenty of other place they can go!

So remember, fellow winos, whether you are working in a restaurant or in a wine shop, customer service is key! You never know where it might get you...

Have you ever encountered some shocking service? We would LOVE to hear about it so comment below or on our twitter or facebook page.

Header image taken from Atiyyah18's photostream, under the creative commons license

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