Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Awesome Wine Labels: Do Judge A Book By It's Cover

Obviously by 'book', I mean 'bottle' and by 'cover', I mean 'label/packaging'. DUH!!

More and more, wines are moving away from the traditional style wine labels that have been the same for years. Especially with new world wine, where labelling laws aren't as strict as they are in France, Spain and Italy for example, we are seeing all sorts of weird and wonderful designs.

Because, on the whole, we are all a set of materialistic sons of bottles, something shiny is bound to get your attention but it's no guarantee that the stuff inside the bottle is going to be any good.

Personally I think the presentation of a bottle is really important so it's great to see more producers making an effort.

Here are some of my favourites:

Fuse 2012 Wines of MD

I actually wrote about this
one back in may so have a read.
Great wine and really well presented.

This is one that caused a bit of a stir;
Taittinger's Nocturne Sec in it's mosaic bottle.
This off-dry Champagne is stunningly
good quality and the bottle was designed
specifically for the nightclub market,
which upset a lot of retailers.
But hey, it's good wine in a shiny bottle,
what more could you want people!?
You can get this limited edition bottle at
Champagne Direct for £39.95

Passion Has Red Lips by Some Young Punks
has always got quite a lot of attention for it's
awesome label. In fact, I don't think Some
Young Punks have a single wine on the market
with a label that is anything less than awesome.
I wrote about Some Young Punks a while back
so have a read and check out the rest of their wines.
Passion Has Red Lips is available from
Drink Finder for £13.99

K5 Argiñano is a really stunning Spanish white,
with a striking appearance. The famous Basque
chef, Karlos Argiñano, and four friends started
the K5 project back in 2005 when they bought
some land on the slopes of the
Eztenagako Txorrua mountain in the north of
Spain. The wine is 100% Hondarribi Zuri and
at £16.95 from Ten Acre Wines, it's well worth a try.

There are always cool looking new wines cropping up all over the place. If you have found anything new that looks amazing and tastes it too, we would really love to hear about it.

Let us know either by commenting below, or on our twitter and facebook pages.

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