Monday, 19 August 2013

Wines Under £7 Challenge: Picks From Adnams

Is there anything better in this world than great wine? How about puppies? Kittens?  The majesty of the Universe? Well those things do come very close, but what tops them, is when great wine is darn cheap!
Upon my recent Norfolk visit, I found myself perusing the shelves of the Adnams Cellar and Kitchen store. It is a magical place full of wonder and mystery. The wonder: all of the amazing things on their shelves. The mystery: why I can't own them all (not really a mystery, I just don't have that much cash).

What I could afford however, were 3 amazing finds that set me back a total of £20. Yep, £20 for 3 magnificent bottles. Each of these bottles represent amazing value for the quality of what's beneath the cork.

First up, we have a Spanish triumph. The Cruz de Piedra Garnacha. On the nose there are wonderfully jammy black fruit flavours and a hint of pepper. The palate is a salsa dance of liquorice and cherry with a nice lick of vanilla on the finish. Truly a Spanish gem at only £6.99 a bottle.

Next up from a more up and coming country, the Paparuda Pinot Noir. Usually to get a decent Pinot you would spend upwards of a tenner on something from the like of New Zealand or, if you've got the wonga, Burgundy. But for this Eastern European lovely? £5.89. I kid you not. This is a wonderful, good value example of one the worlds best grapes. The nose has the usual suspects of black cherry but the palate explodes with flavours of juicy red fruits and black cherries. Quite honestly one of the best wines I've had for the price.

Lastly, we go to the other side of the Atlantic, to Argentina. Argentina is one the worlds biggest wine producing countries, even boasting one of their own indigenous varieties in the form of Torrontes. The Escondido Torrontes from Mendoza, produces beautifully floral notes on the nose, and follows up on the palate with sweet stone fruits like peaches and apricots. The finish is dry but surprisingly rich, resulting in a moreish wine that will leave you wondering why you didn't buy a whole case! You can get a bottle for £6.99.

The Adnams Cellar and Kitchen Store is such a nice place to visit. With a massive collection of wines, all their own beers (and there are some crackers) and a good range of their own spirits, you will definitely find something for your tastes. And they do loads of cool kitchen gadgets too!
They have stores in London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Lincolnshire so pop in grab something, you won't be disappointed.

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