Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wine and Whisky, the Perfect Match- Glenmorangie Nectar D'or

Whilst whisky is truly the drink of the gods, we must all admit that wine is very much up there. The variety and complexity of wine is something that is completely staggering to me and is what fuels my love for the grapey stuff. I have an unhealthy liking for sweet wines, with Tokaij, moscato d'asti, Samos Anthemis, the sweet rieslings and most of all Sauternes.

Nectar D'or (golden nectar) is a wood finished single malt from Glenmorangie whereby their standard 10yr malt is finished for 2 years in old Sauterne casks. This, like all wood finishes imparts some qualities that were present in the barrel's last resident.

On the nose this whisky chucks out citrus fruit, honey, raisins and desert wine in abundance with perhaps some sweeter spices sneaking in. The Nectar D'or is supremely perfumed, wonderfully layered and complex, but being bottled at 48%, if you stick your nose in too far you'll get a big whiff of the alcohol. 

On the palate it gets even better, thick and creamy due to the lack of chill-filtration and is stuffed with vanilla, spice and honey, with fruit coming through on the finish. It is a little hot and so the tiniest touch of water is advised, but not too much or you'll lose those gorgeous flavours.

The Nectar D'or for me is truly fitting of the gods, it screams out for enjoyment after dinner in winter, perhaps with some cheese. If you don't fancy getting some now (because you are clearly a fool) I suggest picking some up before Christmas when this would especially shine.

Glenmorangie Nectar D'or is currently available at  Sainsbury's for £40 or Waitrose for £41.

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