Monday, 19 August 2013

What's On: Prohibition London.

We here at Vinspire love all things a little bit retro. Like this covert beauty. But what we love more is anything so retro it's nearly 100 years old! (Just as a pre-cursor, we don't like the actual law, but what it spawned was pretty darn nifty).

Step back in time, to the era of Fedora hats, chorus lines and spats. To a world of illegal gambling, the sound of a rattling Tommy gun and the raucous noise of The Speakeasy. This, my friends, is the time of Prohibition. From 1919 to 1933 alcohol was banned in the US as a way to combat the wave of depravity and loose morals. However things didn't quite go to plan. If anything, it just made things even harder for the police: with an entire country crying out for Sweet Lady Liquor, organised crime units began shifting bootleg hooch into bars disguised as bookshops and disused warehouses. It was a simpler time, it was a better time: but imagine if you could experience it for yourself.

Well now you can! The aptly named, Prohibition, have been bringing the sound of rasping trumpets and gin in tea cups to secret locations across the UK since 2009.

Now, a night with Prohibition isn't just your standard secret location party. For one thing, they insist on fancy dress. And no…this doesn't mean come dressed as Batman. They require all party goers to dust off their best suspenders, spit-shine those spats and get those flapper dresses at the ready, because (and I quote): ‘…denim was the uniform of prisoners, not the attire of suave gentlemen, and trainers are totally inappropriate footwear for dancing the Charleston’. Disobey this and you’ll find yourself looking down the barrel of a Thompson. (You won’t really, though you might look a bit funny when you’re inside).

Ok, now that you’re suitably dressed its time to step through the time portal that is the front door. Upon arrival, guests are confronted with live bands, a swinging dance floor and a sea of fancy hats. Don’t fancy getting sweaty in your vintage outfit? Then grab a cocktail and try your luck on one of the roulette or blackjack tables.

Or maybe you fancy just kicking back with some chilled out music and a good chat with some friends. Then by all means visit the piano room, where you can sit and relax in comfy chairs while Razzmatazz gently tickles the ivories. On top of all this, there’s a silent cinema, DJ’s using gramophones, cabaret acts, burlesque and many more to keep your historical partying interest peaked.

It seems every little detail has been considered, and the utmost care taken to adhere to tradition. Even down to the range of hooch on offer: anything you desire to quench a thirst (that was available in the 1920's) is available to you. There's all manner of gins, bourbons, whiskies and several fancy cocktails, all of which are served IN A TEA CUP! I know right?! Nothing like drinking a Martini from fine bone china.

With the next event set to take place on September the 14th (in a secret location so no one goes squealing to the cops...ok, it's Bloomsbury Ballroom), it’s sure to be a swell night and a perfect way to kick off the autumn party season.

This is a ticket only event, so make sure to get yours here

Images taken from komissarov_a and macc_flick photostreams respectively under the creative commons license.

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  1. I've bought tickets!! Thanks Sam for pointing it out :-)