Thursday, 22 August 2013

Vinspire Venues: The London Cocktail Club

I may well work in the wine industry, but there is little I love better than a few cheeky cocktails. In fact, whenever I go to London and spend a night out with Friends and Family, right at the top of  my lists for fun, exciting and quality places to drink is The London Cocktail Club.

I first went a few years ago to the Club located on Goodge Street, just up from Tottenham Court Road on the Northern Line. An unassuming building, you stroll down the stairs to the basement where you're greeted with noise, laughs and some of the most amazingly inventive cocktail creations I have ever seen.

The style is very much vintage chic/tattoo parlour (if it didn't exist it does now), with leather sofas, skulls, book cases and a large chequered, steam punk esq bar. Once sat down, amongst the trendy Londoner night dwellers, we popped open the cocktail menu to see what would take our fancy.

We were pleasantly suprised to say the least. The range spanned from our simple pleasures such as: Bellini's, Martini's, Old Fashioned's and Long Island Iced Tea's to the more extravagant, and some times, sublime. The bar staff are engaging and exciting, with their expanse of knowledge and bottle spinning skills they keep you entertained during your time at the bar and the interior is a feast for the eyes.
Giles, myself and my sister enjoying a Volcano

So after we had indulged in a few simple delights, and our judgement had lapsed slightly, we decided to try our hand at some of the more 'extroverted' cocktails. These included the 'Flaming Zombie' which comes in a Stein glass and The Volcano........Yes, it comes in a volcano and yes, you should probably share it..... (ask at bar for both). But this is only a small selection, others include: The Spicy Noodle served in a pot noodle cup, the Red Snapper in a Baked Bean tin and the Hot Tuca Apple served in a Victorian tea cup!

Even though the cocktails are fantastic, the sense of occasion and the feel of the place is what makes The London Cocktail Club a real night to remember. They also have a Cocktail School, yes, you heard me correctly, where you can get behind the bar, learn the basics and create your own perfect cocktail. The Goodge Street branch also do fun foodie treats like: Sliders, Delhi Boards and Pints of Chips with Bloody Mary Mayo just to keep you on your feet!

There are other branches located in Shoreditch, Shaftesbury Avenue & Oxford Circus which if they are easier for you to get to are well worth a look in! But for me, Goodge Street is the best! Cocktail prices are on average £8-£10 which for Central London, in that environment, really isn't bad at all.

If you are thinking of going and planning on taking a largish group, booking a table will be necessary, unless you will be standing at the bar/bar area all evening, especially at the Shaftsbury Avenue site, which has recently been voted one of the World's Best Bars! But this will hardly put a dent in your evenings plans; you might just have to hold onto something after a few drinkies.

So if you fancy a fun night out, some fantastic cocktails and a great environment, rock on down to the London Cocktail Club and get Zombied!

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