Monday, 5 August 2013

Metro Wine Map Print

I love a good wine print, and I especially love a clever wine print.

De Long make a selection of brilliantly informative wine prints, and by far the best is their metro wine map of France print from WineWare. It's only £17.75, and gives a quirky, easy-to-memorise map of France using each recognisable region as a 'line' and their sub-regions, villages and appellations as the tube stations.

I love how it's a genius idea but actually makes the information easier to remember. I'm totally putting one of these in my kitchen so I can sip and learn at the same time.

I'm also pretty drawn to their wine grape variety table. Set sort of like a periodic table of wine, it lists the red and white grapes separately, but in an order that shows how they relate to each other. It's £17.75 too, and I think these two prints may have to go side by side.

They do also make a wine map of Italy and a wine map of France print, but these two are as quirky as they are handy.


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