Friday, 9 August 2013

Friday Cocktail: Pornstar Martini

Sometimes, it's easy to forget the older ones in our bid to find the next, best mixology combination. I'd completely put pornstar martinis to the back of my mind, but the truth is they were responsible for some of my friend Kat and my most brilliant nights at our favourite cocktail places while we were at Uni in London.

This fruity, vanilla-laced concoction may have a rude name, but it's biggest flaw is how devilishly non-alcoholic it tastes. Like bosoms, one isn't enough, but three is probably over-indulging.

It's also a chance to up your drinks cabinet's awesomeness - we've already told you to buy midori, pisco, and creme de cacao, but now you can add Pessoa passionfruit liqueur to your list of boozy treats. It's £9.50 a bottle at ASDA, which isn't half bad.

Pornstar Martini recipe (serves one)


  • 35ml vanilla vodka (Absolut Vanilla has a fiver off at Sainsbury's - making it £15 - until 13th August)
  • 15ml pessoa
  • 30ml passionfruit juice (Tesco sell Prince's passionfruit juice)
  • Squeeze lime juice
  • Dash grenadine

Shake it!

1. Pour the vodka, pessoa, passionfruit juice and lime juice into a cocktail shaker filled with a couple of ice cubes, and give it a good hard shake.
2. Strain into a martini glass (you could line the rim with one of these delicious cocktail sugars first) and add a dash of grenadine in the centre - it'll float down through the middle of the drink for a pretty red streak.

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