Friday, 30 August 2013

Drunk History - Wine Makes Us AWESOME At Telling Stories

So those of you who are familiar with the comedy website will no doubt have heard about the GENIOUS drunk history videos. However I am well aware that there are still poor people out there who may not know about this.

Funny or Die is a sort of 'comedy youtube', that offers lots of lolz and roflz. Comedians such as Will Ferrell and Zack Galafeelmyknackers (I'm pretty sure that's not how you spell it) feature heavily.

Being the fun folks that we are at Vinspire, I thought it only appropriate that I spread the joy of Drunk History with you all. You may even learn something...

In a nutshell, the way drunk history works is a comedian drinks a shed load of booze and then is asked to tell a story from history. The clever folks at Funny or Die then get non-drunk comedians to act the thing out.
In this particular video, American comedienne Jen Kirkman tells a story about Frederick Douglass. After having drunk two bottles of wine.

It's incredible. Please watch:

You see!? Wine is awesome, it makes us all amazing historians and story-tellers!

There are loads more Drunk History videos. Just go onto and search 'Drunk History'.

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  1. HAHA! These are epic. The Jack Black one is funny, except when the storyteller has to stop to throw up. NOT COOL.