Friday, 16 August 2013

A Video Guide To Wine Tasting (ft. Borat)

As Jo touched on not so long ago in her Wine Etiquette article, there are certain things that winos feel they need to do in order to fit in at a wine tasting. If you are invited along to a tasting, it's not easy to get the information to guide you through without looking and sounding like a total novice.

So as you have probably worked out by now, I like to try and be helpful in the least helpful ways possible. I thought the best way to learn about how to properly taste wine would be to show an example of what you should and definitely shouldn't do.

One of the below videos is a useful tutorial on wine tasting courtesy of Mr Oz Clarke, the other is a faux Kazak wreaking havoc upon some Americans. In my usual fashion, I will let you decide which one you think would be most fun. (the answer is the second one)


Do Not

So now that we all know that a grape is neither like a peanut nor a small egg, we can be much more confident in our wine tasting...

No need to thank me.

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