Thursday, 1 August 2013

A Fine Stag: Jim Beam's Red Stag.

I've never really been one for bourbon, until I've had a few beers and get a bit bloated, and even then it has to be drowned in coke. I know, I'm a heathen. But now is the time for redemption!

After a glowing review from my step brother, I decided to splash out on a bottle of Jim Beam's new creation, Red Stag. It was a total revelation! Like I said, I don't really drink bourbon, but I think I may have found a new contender for my drinks cabinet.

To make Red Stag, Jim Beam takes their regular whiskey, and blend it with black cherry to make a spirit that really does stand out from the crowd, like a stag among deer.

On the nose it has the usual smoky notes associated with bourbon, but with a slightly sweet undertone. On the palate, it's a drink of two halves. It has a rich mash base with the initial hit of charred oak followed up by the succulent sweetness of the black cherry, finishing off on a slightly sour note all the while being underlined by amazing smoothness that doesn't leave you with that nasty burn in the back of your throat.

Serve it on the rocks and it's perfect for hot days like these. It's also good served neat or with coke. Red Stag currently on offer until August 13th for £15 a bottle from Sainsburys.

Move out of the way Jack Daniels, Jim's in town now!

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