Monday, 15 July 2013

What's Your Poison? Kooky Poison Glasses from RE

I love me a novelty glass - they're equally as lol-worthy in company as they are when you're chuckling to yourself on a cosy night in - and when I saw these poison glasses from RE I was completely smitten.

They're £4.50 each and come in 3 designs: arsenic, acid, and strychnine, all of which tickle me and make me think of old ghost stories and tales of horror that you mostly hear about in museums.

The skull and crossbone design may seem a little on the creepy side, but have you seen the cheeky grins on those disembodied faces? It's not quite as sinister as you might think.

I'm tempted to buy a set of these not only because they're incredibly sweet (in a kooky, weird, not-sure-whether-I'll-scare-people way), but because of the obvious, shamefully bad delight I'll take in offering people a drink by asking "So, what's your poison?"

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