Thursday, 18 July 2013

Want! Recycled Wooden Wine Boxes from Baxter & Snow

Facebook isn't generally good for much - except witty memes, practically stalking people you fancy, and finding out what everyone else thinks of the Game of Thrones finale* - but OMG did it prove useful the other day.

When we were chatting about Toasted Glass' gorgeous painted glassware (do you like us on Facebook? If not, get to it) we got a friendly hello from one of her fellow crafty pals: Sarah Baxter, from Baxter & Snow recycled wooden wine boxes.

She started out on Facebook only, with the first person commenting getting their hands on the goods, but has since grown her business and now has an Etsy store:

For instance, check out the picture above. I am ALL OVER this utensil holder like a rash, especially as I love Nicolas Perrin wines. It's £20.

Who doesn't want their cat to sleep in a bed made from wine boxes? The wine box cat bed is £30, and that kitty looks pretty pleased with himself, eh?

Ooh, a key post/shelf for your hallway knickknacks! I'm on it like a car bonnet. It's £30 too.

Wah, this desk tidy would complete my life. It might even convince me to work at a desk more often. And it's only £22.

Lastly, if - like me - you're more of a more-than-one cat person, you can get - wait for it - CAT BUNK BEDS MADE OF WINE BOXES! You probably can't top that for me, to be honest. It's £50 well spent if you ask me.

Baxter & Snow currently has almost 9,000 likers, so competition is fierce - I highly recommend you 'like' her page and try and grab the items you like best.



  1. OH MY GOD CAT BUNKBEDS!!!!! I might buy these and then buy two cats to go in them...

  2. Just to rub it in.. I have a cat bunkbed! Finally got my hands on a set a few weeks ago!

    1. Oh Tara you lucky thing! I bet they love it?!

    2. They really do, they squabble over who gets the bottom bunk!

  3. Ha ha ha! Cat bunk beds. LOVE those!