Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Trekkie Tools: Klingon Corkscrew And Enterprise Bottle Opener.

Have you ever been caught in the dilemma of being at a social occasion where you are completely unable to unleash your inner geek? Picture the scene: You're mingling, drink in hand. It's the kind of event where everyone shares there uninformed political views and talk about having the kitchen re-done for the fifth time in a year.

Someone starts talking about Sci-Fi and how they think it's utterly terrible, but you know better. You want to confront these people about your undying love for Jean Luc Picard and how his firm but understanding leadership skills leave you feeling safe in the warmth of his courageous bosom as you stare into calm but somewhat troubled eyes knowing that you can fix him. Um...where was I? Oh yeah!

But you don't because, let's face it, that would be a bit weird. Keep the Patrick cut out in the bedroom. Instead you powerfully and purposefully stride to the cupboard, pull out your best bottle and open it with this beauty! It's a Klingon Corkscrew in the shape of the infamous Bird of Prey!

Not satisfied with the Klingon corkscrew? Well then double your geek standing and start opening the beers with The Enterprise Bottle Opener! Plus, once you've had a few, you can re-enact your favourite galactic battles!

Both are finished in chrome, very nicely detailed and sturdy enough for those plastic corks that so often adorn bottles. They're classy, practical and it subtly let's people know that you enjoy an evening of science based fiction.

The corkscrew comes in at around £25 and the bottle opener at around £22 both from Amazon. They're not exactly the cheapest thing in Kitchenware, but team them both with the pizza wheel, and you will have the most logical kitchen in the Federation.

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